SmartDog has Five SKU-based service offerings, each designed with to help smooth out a potential sticking point in your execution, upgrade, and/or development processes. Why negotiate with the proverbial kid next door when SmartDog has packaged up seamless, frequent solutions into SKU offerings designed to get you moving.

1. Move EBS Development to the Cloud Ever wondered what it would be like to run your EBS environment in Oracle’s Public Cloud Infrastructure, but didn’t want to take the risk? SmartDog is ready to take that risk away. As part of our new Pilot-to-Production offer, SmartDog will move Oracle EBS customers’ Development or Test Environment to Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure at no charge. Once the customer has tested and validated the environment to their satisfaction, SmartDog will make the environment available for use and the subscription will begin. Try it free for 30 days! 2. Try Oracle Database Backup in the Cloud SmartDog will create an operational backup for your environment in Oracle’s Cloud and let you try it free. If after the trial period you would like to continue to leverage the service, you can make the purchase at that time. If you would like to cancel at any time during the trial period, you can do so with no cost or obligation. Experience the simplicity and cost effectiveness of leveraging a Tier 1 Cloud Infrastructure for these critical functions at no risk to you. Try it for free for 30 days! 3. Add a Flexible Temporary Infrastructure to Your Existing Environment When initiating a large new project, a sandbox is often needed to test and build new structures. The process of creating a separate hardware structure to house testing can consume a lot of time and money – this is far from practical. Instead, add a flexible temporary infrastructure to your existing environment. With infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), you have the ability to create a temporary environment on Oracle’s Public Cloud. This solution allows you to use the infrastructure for as much time as needed, from the beginning to the end of a build, with the options of turning it off and on as needed. A temporary infrastructure also has the capacity to test intermittently during that time. 4. Build a Roadmap to Move Your Infrastructure to the Cloud In today’s world, the cloud just makes sense – the benefits of elasticity and scalability and the practicality of paying for something only when you’re using it are appealing advantages. But how do you get there? Do you start with Development? Disaster recovery? Do you move everything over all at once? The Cloud Roadmap develops a comprehensive plan- from soup to nuts – to guide your launch you into the cloud. Our Cloud Roadmap offering will incrementally walk you through areas where the cloud will benefit the business as a whole. By looking at your usage, they can determine what the ultimate solution while identifying the steps you need to get there along the way. 5. Add Capacity to Your Existing Infrastructure Oracle’s cloud platform integrates storage, computing power, and database scalability to your existing environment, allowing you to increase license usage when needed. Integrating cloud capabilities to your existing on-premise framework will give you all the capacity you need to scale beyond what you’re existing infrastructure components are able to hold. By adding capacity to your existing infrastructure, you will be able to integrate Oracle offerings to your existing framework and virtually expand your computing power and database access. Whether it’s just for an hour or just for a day, you have the flexibility to turn cloud capacity off and on, scale up and down, and integrate with your own on-premise network at the same time. We have warehoused the un-warehousable by finding ways to package up common solutions, helping seamlessly launch your organization into the cloud.

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