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Service Request Labels


Incident – Activities resulting from a broken business process or system component which impacts existing system functionality. Work performed resolving these issues to bring the system back to its original level of functionality, regardless of whether new functionality is delivered. (System down, Component down, process broken, application patches)


Enhancement – Activities resulting from a deficiency in system/process capabilities resulting in a request whose goal is to add new or modify existing functionality for purposes of augmenting the process or system. (New reports, new functionality, adding hardware or software)


Maintenance – Activities necessary for the normal operation of the system which do not deliver new functionality or materially change existing functionality. (Clones, password changes, CPU patches, recompiling objects, purging logs, monitoring and maintaining infrastructure components)


Project – Activities resulting from an active Statement of Work (SOW) which logically groups multiple changes to the system/configuration into a single concerted effort. The SOW governs the rates, scope, resources, and timelines of the project. (Upgrades, multiple major enhancements, implementation of new systems)


Informational – Activities that provide information to the client and do not include changes to the system in anyway. (Phone calls, emails, meetings, running of diagnostics, recurring read-only activities for QBRs)


Other – Activities that do not fall into one of the previously listed categories.