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Paul-McCarthy1- SmartDog Leadership  Paul McCarthy

  Paul McCarthy is the founder and chairman of SmartDog Services and is responsible for management. He founded the company and managed the operation until 2004. He was personally responsible for growing the organization from nothing to $34 million in annual sales and was named Louisiana Entrepreneur of the Year for Technology in 1999. Paul no longer plays an active role in the day-to-day activities of the organization, but his influence and leadership are still felt. He and his wife, Sherry, live in Mississippi with their two dogs, Heidi and Mandy, and a cat named Tabby, all strays who are now living a life of luxury.

Scott-Elequin1  Scott Elequin

  Scott Elequin is the President of SmartDog Services and is responsible for overall operations. He defines his primary role as “understanding what our customers need and bringing those things to market.” SmartDog’s current business model reflects his vision and leadership, both of which are always focused on the customer. A graduate of The University of Texas and Baylor, Scott launched his career as founder of an early stage internet startup to manage US Department of Commerce Export Licensing, which he sold in 1991. He then joined Price Waterhouse as a management consultant and first had a chance to work with Oracle Applications. He then took a position as Strategic Systems Director for a global Oracle customer, where he experienced the role of Oracle customer first-hand. Scott was recruited by Oracle Consulting and during his five years with the company, he earned both the MVP Award and received top Consulting “Club” four times. He joined DCC Services in 2003 as Chief Operating Officer and was soon promoted to President. Scott engineered the transition of DCC Services into SmartDog Services and coined the phrase “The Oracle Customer’s Best Friend” to describe the relationship he envisioned between the organization and the Oracle community. His vision was realized when SmartDog was awarded Top Oracle Partner (four times), the Titan Award, and the Oracle Excellence Award. As an Oracle customer and consultant, Scott believed that organizations could do more with Oracle if only they had the tools. By communicating this vision to his team of experts and giving them the means and opportunity to bring it to life, he has been proven right again and again. A native of Austin, Scott’s free time is spent playing basketball with his kids, working on old broken sports cars, and volunteering in his church and in his community.

Garth-Hernandez1  Garth Hernandez

  Garth Hernandez is the Chief Operating Officer at SmartDog Services. In this position he manages the daily operations and long term strategy of the financial, human capital, recruiting, information technology and legal functions of SmartDog. Additionally, he oversees the operational support provided to the sales, consulting and management organizations. Garth brings more than 25 years of delivery and management experience in the professional services industry. He is driven to provide ever-improving service levels and processes that deliver valuable services to SmartDog Services’ customers. This approach has allowed SmartDog Services to achieve rapid growth while maintaining high customer satisfaction levels. Garth joined SmartDog Services in 1994 and has served in a variety of technical and business management capacities. Garth graduated from Louisiana State University in 1988 and began his Oracle career while working for Texaco in New Orleans. His duties at Texaco included Oracle database administration, development and project management. With Texaco, Garth was the project leader for several major exploration and production initiatives. During that time, his team received the corporate IT Quality Award for their work with Oracle technologies. Garth and his wife, Stacy, are the proud parents of two boys, and his personal interests include spending time with his children by participating in their hobbies and fishing anytime he can find a nearby lake.

Mihir-Patel1  Mihir Patel

  Mihir Patel is the Chief Technology Officer at SmartDog. He joined the company in 2008 and is responsible for managing Technology and Remote Delivery Services. This includes database administration, applications technology and remote functional support teams. Mihir has extensive experience in the design, development, implementation and operational management of complex Oracle ERP systems. Prior to SmartDog, he was responsible for developing and delivering the strategy for a single global Oracle ERP on Dell Linux RAC. He helped design, benchmark, implement and support one of the world’s largest single global Oracle ERP systems. Currently he works with over 200 customers defining, managing and scaling their operations to meet strategic business objectives. His talents and experience are most obvious when he is engaging with the leadership team at a client site on their Oracle Roadmap and ensuring successful delivery of their high-priority initiatives. Mihir describes himself as an “avid audio and videophile.”

Al Veach  Al Veach

Al Veach is the Vice President of Sales at SmartDog. He is passionate about working with leadership at SmartDog to enhance customer install-base delivery and has developed a sales model with the goal of providing clients with a long-term strategic approach to managing Oracle E-Business Suite and technology environments.

dowens1  Doug Owens

Doug Owens is the Senior Director for Application Services at SmartDog. He has been engaged with the Oracle Applications for over 20 years, starting his career at a small manufacturing company running an early version of the Oracle solution.  With over 20 “go-lives” in his career with Oracle Consulting Services and premium consulting firms,  he has extensive implementation experience and has been leading the applications team at SmartDog since 2008.  Doug’s background is Supply Chain and Manufacturing with a passion for Advanced Procurement solutions.  Doug is responsible for all functional delivery for SmartDog, leading road-mapping activities, upgrade evaluations, and scoping new implementations.  Doug also leads a strong, experienced team of Practice Directors and Project Managers providing various solutions to meet our customer’s specific needs. Doug believes strongly in the value of the Oracle software solution.  However, too many customers never realize that value and struggle with their system.  Doug’s mission, and his team’s mission, is to help customers get the most out of their product investment.

  Sushil Motwani

  Sushil Motwani is the Director of Cloud Infrastructure at SmartDog. Sushil has about 24+ years of experience as an Oracle SME, with hands-on experience on the complete Red Stack of Oracle, from Hardware to Software and the Oracle IaaS/PaaS Cloud.Sushil Motwani has a Computer Science Engineering Degree from the University of Bombay. Over the last few years, before joining SmartDog Services, Sushil has lead Oracle and Microsoft teams to proactively deliver to their customer’s technical roadmaps and provide newer/better solutions to improve technical delivery in the long run. At Oracle, Sushil worked with Advanced Customer Services for 6+ years leading some of Oracle’s largest premier customers as a Technical Account Manager. Sushil has also worked as a Director of the DBA Practice for a well-known Managed Services Provider in the Boston area from 2007 to 2009. From 2001 to 2007, Sushil worked at Harvard University as their Oracle and Microsoft SME and lead multiple technical implementations as part of their central IT team. Sushil has several hobbies, with his favorites being singing Indian music and working out with a group of like-minded friends. He is actively involved with several social service activities, with a very strong belief in “Love All Serve All”, and spends most of his free time to fulfill his beliefs with his wife and two daughters in the lovely town of Andover, MA.

Deb Sulser

Deb brings more than two decades of recruitment and talent management expertise in the Oracle partner eco-system to SmartDog. She has deep expertise in talent acquisition, development and retention and easily pivots from providing guidance to executive teams on talent acquisition and HR strategies, to rolling up her sleeves and recruiting the talent necessary to scale organizations. In her role at SmartDog, she is committed to attracting bright, passionate and highly driven individuals to join our team and to perpetuating our collaborative and team based culture. In prior roles, she has led and directed talent acquisition, development and retention programs in the professional services arena, supporting teams in the U.S., Europe, South America, Asia and the United Kingdom.

James Harrod

James Harrod is the Director of Client Services at SmartDog. With 20+ years’ experience in Supply Chain planning and execution, James has held various roles in consulting and management within tier 1 ERP and Supply Chain solutions. James is responsible for the customer base at SmartDog, leading quarterly business reviews at client sites, understanding client needs and issues and discovering additional ways to assist and service the customer base at SmartDog. James believes in spending time with clients and getting to know what keeps them up at night, so clients know they have a trusted advisor who has their best interests in mind. Over the last few years, before joining SmartDog Services, James was working with several Fortune 100 businesses within the CPG, Life Sciences and Oil and Energy business verticals defining and creating the future roadmaps of true end to end supply chain solutions powering businesses to work closer with their suppliers and provide a better level of service and satisfaction for the customers. James currently lives in Dripping Springs, TX.

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