Oracle E-Business Roadmap

You want to make the Oracle E-Business Suite fit your company for years to come.


With SmartDog’s Oracle E-Business Roadmap, we can help you get more value from the software you already own so it can grow with your business. We always start by running our proprietary diagnostic tools to find out exactly how E-Business Suite is working for you.

We are more than a technology company and will take the time to learn how your team works so we can create smart, scalable business processes that make the most of your software and fit the rhythm of your business. We don’t believe that one size fits all. When you make a plan to maintain your system with a company that takes the time to truly know you, the results will make business easier for years to come.

Our award winning combination of health checks, diagnostics, and personal interviews let us learn your business intimately so we can eliminate frustration and focus on improvements that will make your Oracle E-Business Suite fit your needs like a glove.

Save time and money by optimizing business processes like procurement processing and month end close cycle. Learn more about how you are using your software and get started with a free diagnostic report!