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Oracle Subscription Membership

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SmartDog Subscription Membership

Our SmartSource Oracle Subscription service is designed to provide the best features of project consulting and remote services by providing strategic advisement, 100% utilization, on-demand support, and volume discount pricing all in the same offering.  In addition, your company will be assigned a dedicated Lead Analyst to manage your projects and service requests to participate in Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs).  This individual will continue to build intellectual property regarding your environment that will only enhance the quality and personalized value of the service with each additional assignment.  Here is a breakout of some of the features of the program. Benefits for Oracle Subscription Members Only:
  • Customer pre-pays for service each month based on projected usage and receives a volume-based discount.
  • Tier One priority status for time sensitive service requests.
  • A dedicated Client Solutions Director and Lead Analyst are assigned to the account.
  • Client is on-boarded to ticketing system and customer portal and QBR schedule is established.
  • Monthly usage statements will be submitted to customer for assistance in tracking the current balance.
  • “Smooth Billing” feature passes unused dollars and carries minimal overage to the following month.  Monthly prepaid amounts are adjusted up or down as needed at each QBR to accommodate for changes in need.

SmartDog Collaborative Membership

  • Quarterly WatchDog Diagnostics – History has proven that running our diagnostics quarterly on your Oracle EBS system helps you achieve and maintain full optimization of Oracle EBS. You can choose to address these areas internally or leverage our assistance.
  • Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) include:
    • Reviewing WatchDog findings with your team members to identify areas that may benefit from technical or functional improvements
    • Discussing current and projected changes in your business and how the Oracle configuration may need to be adjusted
    • Assisting in formulating a go-forward strategy and potential resource plan
    • Conducting a patch review
    • Informing  about updates on new Oracle products, acquisitions, licensing, changes to support structure, etc
    • Getting a view into how other Oracle customers are implementing the same products
    • Providing a detailed report on all SmartDog consulting and support activities

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Combine our Oracle memberships to get the full value of our services and support. You’ll have the best of both worlds.