Free web service integration tools included in the EBS software you already own

In the white paper we will discuss web service integration tools and how customers that want to integrate E-Business Suite with SaaS and other third party systems have a lot of options. Fortunately, if you are licensed to run EBS, Oracle includes everything you need in the software you already own. Download this white paper today, so you can learn about two different ways you can leverage these embedded technologies. You will, also, learn how these real-time interfaces can be part of your long-term integration strategy.

In this white paper, Jon Dixon, SmartDog’s Practice Director for Application Services, will review a problem statement, and then walk you through the options currently available to solve this problem. Along the way we will cover the basics on web services and service enablement. Finally, he will leave you with a chart to help you choose the best option to meet your business requirements.

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