SmartDog experts provide remediation for a previously faulty implementation of Oracle E-Business Suite R12 for Golfsmith



Oracle Environment:
Remediation for EBS R12 Implementation

Benefits Achieved:

  • Shared-services solution that meets the needs of GolfTown and Golfsmith
  • Financials have been completely integrated into Oracle EBS
  • Company anticipates managing all sales operations of their newly combined company from within Oracle EBS

Company Information:

Golfsmith International (Golfsmith) is a golf and tennis specialty retailer based in Austin,TX. Founded in 1967, the retailer distributes golf and tennis equipment, as well as other related services. At the end of 2011, the company reported revenue of $387.3 million and had approximately 1,500 employees. In July 2012, Canadian pension fund OMERS,which owns GolfTown, the largest golf retailer in Canada, acquired Golfsmith and merged it with GolfTown. The two brands now operate as Golfsmith International, the largest golf specialty retailer in the world. The privately held company has 151 golf retail stores in North America and plans to expand with new store locations in 2013.

Client’s Needs:
After hiring an outside consulting firm to implement Oracle E-Business Suite R12, Golfsmith IT personnel expected to take advantage of new features and functions. Instead, almost from the start the implementation suffered from a myriad of issues impacting almost every ERP module. IT leaders knew they had to do something to get the implementation back on track. They reached out to SmartDog Services to see if SmartDog experts could provide remediation help by identifying pain points and suggesting possible solutions—pinpointing exactly where the original implementer had gone wrong.

SmartDog Service’s Solutions:
 Complete Evaluation:
SmartDog consultants did a two-day remediation workshop to evaluate Golfsmith’s current Oracle implementation and clearly define system issues. Next, they completely documented proposed solutions. After the in-depth evaluation, SmartDog helped Golfsmith understand that the fundamental issue with the original implementation was that the other consulting firm had simply installed a cookie-cutter solution rather than taking the time to ensure that the R12 implementation truly met the needs of Golfsmith’s particular business.
Thorough Fixes:
Golfsmith IT leaders were so impressed by SmartDog’s thorough evaluation efforts that they hired SmartDog team members to spend three months to implement all the proposed fixes they had documented.
Success Breeds A Deeper Partnership with Golfsmith:  
And when this project also yielded positive results, Golfsmith IT leaders asked SmartDog consultants to take on an even bigger challenge. In July 2012, Golfsmith was officially acquired by OMERS and merged with GolfTown. As part of the acquisition, GolfTown needed to migrate their operations to Oracle EBS for a shared services scenario. Once again, Golfsmith IT personnel reached out to SmartDog experts to help manage the critical transition.
SmartDog consultants worked to:
  • Design a shared-services solution that would meet the needs of GolfTown and Golfsmith.
  • Create a two-phase integration plan that would focus first on integrating GolfTown financials into Oracle EBS first followed by integrating procure-to-pay and orders-to-cash.
  • Provide training materials and knowledge transfer so that GolfSmith IT personnel could implement a new module, iExpense, into its Oracle EBS implementation.
Benefits Achieved:
Although the second phase of the project is still on-going, IT leaders at Golfsmith are very happy with the results of the project thus far. GolfTown’s financials have been completely integrated into Oracle EBS so that the system now can be used to generate financial reports, pay vendors, and process employee reimbursements. IT personnel are particularly pleased that the new system can manage Canadian-specific requirements, such as the need to accommodate the French language.
When the second phase of the project is finished in 2nd quarter 2013, Golfsmith IT staff members anticipate managing all sales operations of their newly combined company from within Oracle EBS, as well.
Looking forward, based on the successful history between Golfsmith and SmartDog, Golfsmith IT leaders fully expect to continue working with SmartDog experts because they see SmartDog as a valuable partner in their business—not simply as a service provider.