Managing expense reports can be a time consuming and frustrating job. Your sales guys complain about the time it takes to get all their expenses entered into the system, and your accounting guys complain that they don’t have visibility of incurring expenses to prepare for the end of the month. To make it worse, the expense entries have to be routed throughout the company so they can be categorized and approved. Fortunately, customers that run Oracle Applications can load expenses from Visa or American Express automatically and immediately into Oracle’s iExpense product. Pre-populate your employee expense reports with their expense activity and allow you to route it for approval – saving time and money using information that is already available from your credit card provider.

(1) Gather Materials from Credit Card Provider

To set up this capability, you’ll first need to contact your credit card provider to get two things:
  • A sample file in an Oracle-certified format.
  • Merchant Category Codes.

(2) Configure the Credit Card Setup in Oracle Payables

Next, in Oracle Payables, you will configure the Credit Card Setup and expense report templates by first: mapping the Merchant Category codes to the expense report templates; then:  entering the credit card numbers and assigning them to the corresponding employee; and last: update security profile options to enable credit card integration.

(3) Now you are ready to place the sample file in the Oracle inbound folder and run the Credit Card Loader Validation program.

The validation program will bring the employee’s expenses into their expense report and show any transactions that failed to import.

(4) As a result, the employee will be able to see credit card transactions on their expense report.

From then on, the expense report will be automatically populated with all the expenses with no data entry required! Oracle iExpense is an easy way to speed up your monthly accounting operations, and reduce repetitive tasks and prevent missing information.  Automated import saves time, is quick to implement, and easy to use.  If you play your cards right, maybe the sales guys will buy you lunch, and the accounting guys… well… maybe they will process your expense reports first. _____________________________________

SmartDog Services offers a packaged solution to implement the Visa or American Express (AMEX) credit card integration to Oracle iExpenseand show your internal staff how to administer it.

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