Maintain your current on-premises software investment while benefiting from the cloud.

As an EBS user, we recognize that you’ve made an investment in licensing and software over the years. IaaS enables you to take your investment and maintain it, while moving to the cloud. As opposed to relearning a new application through SaaS, re-platforming applications through IaaS is essentially a turn-key solution. For example, the same way that one logs into an application on a Friday is the same as logging in on the following Monday after a migration.

In addition to benefits of running EBS applications on IaaS, users also benefit from the following:

  • No capital expenses of hardware
  • No need to upgrade or patch hardware or firmware
  • Reduced operating expenses (heating/cooling/electricity/floor space, Etc.)
  • No re-training costs for applications
  • Re-appropriation of IT staff away from upgrades towards something more productive to the business