Mergers and Acquisitions for E-Business Suite Customers

Most of the time, the potential success needed to justify a merger or acquisition for E-Business Suite customers depends significantly on organizations’ ability to successfully combine their business operations. Even so, these details are often an afterthought for the senior leaders executing the transactions. Systems, especially the ERP system, are the core engine to enabling successful and efficient business processes and enforcing business controls. As a result, the ultimate success of a merger or acquisition for E-Business Suite customers relies greatly on the ability to successfully merge systems, thus merging business processes.

In this white paper, we’d like to discuss four main areas in relation to supporting a merger or acquisition from an Oracle EBS systems support standpoint:

  • The process to analyze and evaluate the fit for business processes, people & culture, and systems
  • Considerations for merging another Organization into an Existing EBS Environment
  • Key legal and negotiating considerations from a systems perspective
  • Integration planning and execution process.

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