Oracle Announces Support for EBS 12.X Through At Least 2030 In the EBS ecosystem, especially in EBS message boards in which I participate, rumors have swirled and questions have been asked about Oracle “de-supporting” EBS.  As a possible result of this, Oracle has announced support for the next major release of EBS through the year 2030. This is good news for three reasons. First, and most obviously, customers who have committed to using EBS to run their businesses are assured of support from Oracle for at least another 13 years.  This should clear up any concerns that current 12.2 customers have regarding the planned 2023 end of premier support for 12.2 (reference page 8 of Oracle’s Lifetime Support Policy at Second, the announcement also indicates that Oracle is planning at least one more major release for EBS – a release that they are currently generically dubbing “12.X”.  The best news would have been for Oracle to commit to a release date for the new release, however, at this time, they have chosen to not do so.  Oracle is announcing that the new release is planned to “allow for needed periodic refresh of the technical components on which EBS is built.” Which begs the question if they are planning any enhancements to current business functionality. While they continue to invest in enhancements in “three broad categories of functional advance, mobility and UI modernization” they are also touting their heavier investments in their SaaS solutions and in enabling EBS to integrate with those solutions. Because the announcement goes on to discuss the ability of EBS to integrate with SaaS, and as a result of Oracle’s seismic shift to SaaS, I would not plan for any major functional enhancements in EBS. If my business needs significant new functionality, I would plan to evaluate Oracle’s SaaS solutions and their integration to EBS using Oracle’s evolving tools and other integration capabilities. Last, many EBS customers are currently evaluating a move to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) models to realize cost savings and efficiencies from moving their EBS foundation to a Cloud architecture. Because Oracle is committing to EBS for another 7 years beyond their previous commitment, such customers are safer in replacing their technical infrastructure with more cost-effective models driven by advancements and options created by Cloud technology. Oracle’s official announcement can be found here:  

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