Continuation from Part 1

Restore Validate the database:

Verify the backups by running the validation. Since the backups are stored in encryption, we need to decrypt every time we have to read the backups

Prepare the Cloud Compute instance with Database Home:

You can either install the same version of the on-Premise database or clone the on-premise database. The procedure of preparing the Oracle Home on Cloud compute instance is not covered in this document.

Copy wallets and required configuration files to Cloud Compute:

Copy the Wallet for OPC and also TDE to Cloud compute instance

Add the TDE encryption details in sqlnet.ora

Copied the opcSID.ora file as well

Restore of the Control file on Cloud instance:

Test the restore control file so that we can test the restore of the database later on.
Use c-1702565788-20170613-00

Checking the SEQUENCE to Restore to

Restore the database:

Test the Restore process by restoring on the cloud compute instance from the last backup.
Note: we will be using control file we restored last time for this database restore

Verify the Database after Restore/Recover:

Validate the database which was restored to make sure it is working fine.

Testing the Restore till the last backup:

Following scripts/test case covers the scenario where the current backup on Cloud storage will be restored.

Scenario tested:
Created a test user and created a table with a Row and commit it. Then Fire the RMAN hot online backup script to backup the On-Premise database to Cloud. After Backup is completed, then kick off the restore / recover which uses the until time ‘sysdate’ clause will recover the database till the last backup.


Execute the Restore/Recovery:

Before restore/Recovery, please remove the auto backup folder on the cloud compute instance which has the restored files from the last restore if any. Else, it will catalog the restored files and won’t be recovering till the latest archivelogs.

execute the Restore/recover by executing the below

Verify the latest data is available on Cloud Compute database Instance:

Login to testusr and verify the data:

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