American Express Import To Oracle iExpense

Oracle’s iExpense application is great because your employees can enter their expense reports online and have them automatically routed for approval, which is a great timesaver.

It’s so good, you probably can’t imagine a way to make it better, can you? Well, American Express did!

The people at Oracle and American Express know that lost receipts and overlooked charges are a nuisance for you and your employees. If the credit card company could send each employee’s charge receipts to Oracle before the expense report is created, no one would have to worry about lost receipts anymore. So that’s what they did!

With this offering, SmartDog will implement the American Express card integration to Oracle iExpense and show your internal staff how to administer it.

When your employees see all their transactions pre-loaded on their expense report, so all they have to do is select which charges to report, fill in the identification data and hit Submit, they’ll be thrilled.

When you realize expense reports are coming in faster and with more accurate data, you’ll be glad SmartDog was there to make this happen.

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Estimated Price: $29,000

Time to Implement: 8 weeks

Change Management: Medium

Requires: Payables, iExpense

Assumptions: Bank will provide transaction file in Oracle-certified format (e.g. KR1025); One OP unit, no more that 3 Expense Report templates involved; Client connectivity to instance is set up and available for development including the file servers; Timeline is dependent on credit card company timeline.