Automated Oracle Financial Report Distribution

Your accounting is flawless. Your reports are a work of art.

Now if only you could get people to read them as soon as they’re ready instead of waiting till each person finds time to go looking for them.

SmartDog can help you automate the distribution of financial reports created using the Financial Statement Generator by implementing Oracle’s Report Manager.

You have lots of options for distributing reports. For example, you can have your FSG reports distributed as Excel spreadsheets or PDF files, or you can add the report to a specific person’s menu in Oracle so they see if when they log in.

SmartDog will help you design and implement the right combination of solutions to solve only the problems you actually have.

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Estimated Price: $9,600

Time to Implement: 10 days

Change Management: Low

Requires: Report Manager

Assumptions: XML/BI Publisher Templates are not included; XML/BI Publishing is currently working; Patch 4440000 has been applied to all instances; XML Publisher version is 5.6.3 or higher; Includes setting up to 5 reports or FSG’s for bursting while training an employee to do so.