Oracle Cash Management Bank Reconciliation

If you are already using the Oracle Financial applications for your accounting functions, you already own Oracle Cash Management. We’ve found that many of our clients already own this application, but don’t use it because they never set it up. SmartDog Services can help you set up Cash Management to automate your bank statement reconciliation by automating the process of recording bank statement transactional activity. Gone will be the days of manually clearing checks, clearing deposits in transit, recording cash transfers and other bank activities.  All accounting will be automatically generated.  Monthly closing will be simpler, more accurate and will take less time to complete. Automation will help you avoid repetitive tasks and mistakes. SmartDog is here to help you automate as much of your Cash Management process as possible, starting with bank reconciliations.

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Estimated Price:

$23,500 Load and Clear – Full Bank Statement

$15,500 Load and Clear – Outstanding Checks Only

Time to Implement: 4 weeks

Change Management: Low

Requires: Payables and/or Receivables, Cash Management

Assumptions: One bank account; Does not include automation of file transfer to/from bank; Client drives all coordination with the bank; DBA work excluded

One Year warranty


What You Get with the Solution:


  • Assistance in defining bank statement interface parameters
  • Programming to load bank statement files into Cash Management
  • Installation of program into Development environment
  • Configuration of AutoReconciliation in Cash Management
  • Develop bank statement reconciliation test scenarios
  • Test the bank statement import file using AutoReconcilation functionality


  • MD50 – Functional Business Requirements document
  • MD70 – Technical Design document
  • MD120 – Installation document
  • BR100 – AutoReconciliation Configuration document
  • UPK – AutoReconciliation Testing and Training document