Fixed Assets Tax Books Implementation

SmartDog specializes in helping our clients get full value from their Oracle applications so we often see the same problems over and over, which means we get very good at delivering the solutions to those problems.

When it comes to Oracle Fixed Assets, we come across a lot of clients who spent all their time and energy during implementation getting the corporate asset book in place because it is needed for financial reporting.

That’s great, but it means the tax books are left off the initial implementation altogether. They thought they would go back and implement the Fixed Asset Tax books and assign assets to those books later, but it never happened. Sound familiar?

Instead, asset tax accounting ends up being done outside Oracle.

SmartDog will set up your tax books and bring your existing assets from the financial books into the tax books so you don’t have to track fixed assets offline for tax purposes.

Everything is in one place. In the future, when you add a new asset to the corporate tax book, you simply run a process and it is automatically set up in the tax book with no further effort.

Tax accounting is rarely viewed as a mission-critical activity for fixed assets, but eliminating manual effort and potential errors is always good business.

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Estimated Price: $26,000

Time to Implement: 4 weeks

Change Management: Low

Requires: Fixed Assets

Assumptions: One Federal or State Tax book; Balances converted as of the most recent year-end; Assets already exist on the corporate book; Category & book control rules & defaults will be used for individual asset depreciation & reserve calculations; Oracle Assets patch levels are current; DBA work excluded.