HCM Security and Task Flow Set Up

As your organization grows, it inevitably becomes more complicated and your HR system must keep pace.

At the same time, the people who work with your Oracle HCM applications shouldn’t have to navigate through all the complexity every time they want to perform a simple task.

SmartDog’s HCM Security and Task Flow Setup service offering provides more than security; it simplifies and streamlines the tasks your HR employees do every day.

An HR representative in Austin doesn’t need to be able to see the records for employees in the Hong Kong division.

The representative who works exclusively with non-exempts doesn’t want to be distracted with executive records cluttering up her reports.

You can restrict access within Oracle by almost any element in an employee record – department, location, grade level, position, etc. – so each person sees only the data they need to do their jobs.

Navigation within the forms can be customized, too. Just as you reduce confusion by changing the data, you can further simplify the job by changing the setup of buttons on a page, for example, so that the user can focus on the work being performed.

People perform better when their tools work with them instead of against them. Make sure your Oracle HCM applications are working with you.

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Estimated Price: $4,500

Time to Implement: 3 days

Change Management: Medium

Requires: Core Human Resources

Assumptions: Participants should be Oracle Super Users, Management and IT; Organization Hierarchy created; Base responsibility already configured.