Human Resource Work Structures Conversion

Mergers, acquisitions, or company reorganizations bring special challenges and urgencies to HR.

The amount of time to setup basic foundation information for the reorganization or merger can be insanely short.

SmartDog’s HR experts will use packaged APIsand conversion tools to convert HR Organizations, locations, jobs, workers compensation codes and rates, positions, grades, and payroll calendars necessary for you to load or transfer employees accurately and on time.

When you are faced with a mountain of work to be done in a short time, let SmartDog handle the heavy lifting for you.

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Estimated Price: $10,300

Time to Implement: 5 days

Change Management: Low

Requires: Core Human Resources

Assumptions: Assumes up to 100 Organizations, 250 Jobs, 50 Grades, 50 Locations, 25 Payroll calendars; Excludes conversion/update of employee assignment data; Assumes client is responsible for testing and validating data; Excludes modifications to Organization Hierarchy and Security Profile (System Administration).