Journal Entry Automation

When we go into the Finance arena at a new client site, one of the first things we look for is opportunities to streamline the operation by reducing manual effort.

One of the most common issues we find is overuse of manual journal entries. Accountants want to be accountants, which is why we love them, but when one manual JE multiplies into hundreds of manual transactions every month, it’s time to look for alternatives.

SmartDog will conduct a comprehensive review of recurring manual journal entries to identify opportunities to streamline through the use of mass allocations, recurring journal entries, and allocation sets, using dependencies and conditions to ensure data and scheduling accuracy.

Oracle’s advanced features provide opportunities to make repetitive tasks more efficient, which give the accountants more time for accounting.

Many of these powerful features are underutilized because you simply don’t have time to learn how to use them.

SmartDog will show you how to automate your recurring manual JEs so that you control the schedule and review the output, rather than spending several days each month entering the same data over and over.

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Estimated Price: $8,000

Time to Implement: 5 days

Change Management:  Medium

Requires: General Ledger

Assumptions: Client subject matter experts (SMEs) available for interviews.