SmartDog’s Checklist and Schedule for Month End Closeout

Month-End Close is a perpetual source of aggravation in the Finance Department and across the company.

Why does it take so long? Why can’t we coordinate efforts better? Who is waiting on what from whom?

It’s a fact of accounting life that will never go away, but SmartDog can provide some tools to make it less painful.

Your custom Month-End Close Schedule is a comprehensive schedule of every task and dependency across the core sub ledger modules that includes the day of the month for that task to be performed and who is responsible for making sure it happens.

Once you formalize the assignment of responsibility, the risk of critical steps being skipped is reduced.

The Month-End Close Checklist allows you to coordinate and communicate task completion across departments so that each person knows exactly what has been completed and who is waiting.

It’s always easier to do it right the first time than to correct errors later, but during month-end close, it’s also important to do things as efficiently as possible, which requires greater communication.

There are enough challenges associated with month-end close. Let SmartDog eliminate this one.

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Estimated Price: $8,000

Time to Implement: 5 days

Change Management:  Medium

Requires: Core Financials

Assumptions: Core Financials and Supply Chain only.