Oracle Internet Expenses

We’ve never met an employee at any company who didn’t hate doing his or her expense reports. The only thing we hate more is waiting too long for the check and then tracking down a stray expense report. This is one task where people keep saying, “There ought to be a better way!” and finally, you can give them the answer they want. There is a better way. Bring online expense report entry, approvals and tracking to your employees and you’ll be the most popular boss in the organization. Oracle Internet Expenses gives your employees an easy way to enter their travel and entertainment expenses online and automatically route them for approval and reimbursement. Streamlining the management of out-of-pocket expenditures with lower overhead and higher efficiency will also improve your decision-making and go directly to the bottom line.

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Estimated Price: $49,000

Time to Implement: 6 weeks

Change Management: High

Requires: Payables, iExpense, UPK

Oracle Notes:

Assumptions: Payable has already been implemented; Does not include implementation of credit card functionality; Use of seeded employee/supervisor approval functionality; Implementation of a single expense policy model; Excludes data conversion; Single organization implementation; DBA work excluded. Customer has UPK developer licenses for use by SmartDog. The UPK related; PLL has been installed on the EBS instance and can be used by SmartDog.