Clean Up Your Accounts Payable

Ever notice how much easier it is to keep the house clean if you have a professional cleaning service come in to clean it thoroughly once or twice a year? The same philosophy applies to your AP Reconciliation.

It’s easy to clean up every new little bit of fluff when you know there are no dust bunnies under the bed.

SmartDog will send an Oracle Financials expert toprepare a formal reconciliation of Accounts Payable for one accounting period, including the identification and root cause analysis associated with an out of balance condition.

Our expert will help you identify which sub-ledger reports to use each month, teach you how to research discrepancies in Oracle, and show you how to eliminate the ongoing problems that have plagued your month-end close.

If you’re not sure where the problems are coming from, we can help you figure it out.

Once the entire Payables reconciliation is complete for a single period with our assistance, you’ll have the tools and information you need to keep problems from recurring and avoid all those unanswered questions.

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Estimated Price: $8,000

Time to Implement: 5 days

Change Management: Low

Requires: Payables, General Ledger

Assumptions: Single organization scope; Versions of  seeded Oracle reports to be used for reconciliation are “bug-free” and up to date; Includes identification of reconciling items, but excludes their resolution.