Regular Oracle Payroll Maintenance

Payroll processing is often treated as a “set it up and forget it” element in Oracle HR.

Unfortunately, invalid balances, incomplete transactions and out of date patches can interfere with efficient processing.

Problems accumulate and processing gradually slows. You might not even notice until you have a big mess to untangle.

SmartDog’s Payroll Retainer Solutions make sure your Oracle payroll is running optimally throughout the year.

We’ll even do a mock year-end process as a practice run to make sure you’re accounts are balanced so there are no surprises at the end of the year.

SmartDog’s experts will help you proactively address problems in advance.

SmartDog offers Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Check-up Packages, as well as a standard Maintenance Agreement. Choose the package that best suits your needs to ensure your payroll processing runs smoothly.

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Estimated Price: $16,000

Time to Implement: Over the course of 1 year

Change Management: Low

Requires: Core Human Resources, Payroll

Assumptions: US Payroll processing only.