Reporting For Equal Employment Opportunity(EEO), Veterans’ Employment and Training Service(VETS), Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA)

Getting Oracle setup and configured to run all your required government reports is tedious and repetitive.

EEO, VETS and OSHA Establishment Hierarchy Setup must be done for each location and even the standard, “out of the box” reports are often left out of your initial Oracle implementation project.

For many of our clients, this means they are left with an important regulatory task undone.

SmartDog’s EEO / VETS / OSHA Establishment Hierarchy Setup service will take care of getting each report setup and configured for every location quickly and easily.

You can take this off your to-do list and go on to the next thing. How great is that?

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Estimated Price: $9,000

Time to Implement: 5 days

Change Management: Low

Requires: Core Human Resources

Assumptions: Assumes up to 100 locations; Excludes conversion/update of employee assignment data (including assignment category/location); Includes creating one version of the Establishment Hierarchy in US Business Group; Assumes client is on the latest HR Family Pack and Legislative Patching; Assumes client is responsible for testing and validating data.