Special and Extra Information Setup and Load

Oracle’s HCM applications are so flexible and configurable that you can store practically any type of information about your employees you like.

The challenge is knowing what information you want to store and where to put it.

When you implemented Oracle HCM, you set up the employee records with everything you thought you would need, but now you realize there’s more.

SmartDog will setup and load the Special and Extra Information fields in your employee records to store the items you didn’t realize could be stored there.

For instance, if you’ve already got a place to store company property assigned to an employee, you might want to add a field for the Amex card number or laptop serial number.

You may want to store legacy data that wasn’t included in the original data conversion. The decisions you made at implementation were based on what you thought you would need.

Now that you know more, you can expand your Oracle configuration to include the data you really do need.

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Estimated Price: $6,000

Time to Implement: 5 days

Change Management: Low

Requires: Core Human Resources

Assumptions: Participants should be Oracle Super Users; Client provides clean detail in MS Excel format (does not include scrubbing time); Maximum of 10 Special/Extra Information Types.