Approvals Streamlined for AP Invoices

Ever since you implemented Oracle, you’ve loved the easy, automated online approvals for requisitions and purchase orders.

Invoices are matched to purchase orders automatically, so no one has to approve them. Operations managers love approving expenditures in advance. The vendors love getting paid faster.

Everybody’s happy until an invoice comes in that doesn’t have a purchase order to match.Suddenly the system breaks down.

Paper invoices are routed for signature and returned… eventually.

SmartDog can implement AME approvals in your Oracle Payables application and set it up so that your unmatched invoices are routed for approval online, just like purchase orders and requisitions.

We’ll use your existing employee/supervisor hierarchy and dollar amount levels, and you’ll get your approvals as quickly and easily as you do for purchase orders.

The dream of a paperless office is one step closer with SmartDog’s Streamlined AP Invoice Approvals.

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Estimated Price: $25,000

Time to Implement: 4 weeks

Change Management:  Medium

Requires: Payables, Approvals Manager

Oracle Notes:

Assumptions: Single organization scope; Client will use existing employee/supervisor hierachy in Oracle HR (assumption is that the hierarchy already exists); Document imaging/attachments is excluded; DBA work is excluded.