Total Compensation Statements Online

Employee retention is often a guessing game. Each individual has his or her own goals and priorities, and a program that is essential to one employee may be completely irrelevant to another.

The one thing that all employees care about iscompensation. As an HR professional, you know that the total compensation package an employee receives is often much more complicated than just what he or she sees on the paystub, but it can be difficult to communicate this information efficiently.

SmartDog will set up Total Compensation Statements so your employees can view their own payroll, benefits, taxes, workers comp costs, stock options, bonuses, PTO and any other compensation element on demand.

Don’t let them take any part of their compensation for granted.

SmartDog will help you put all the information in your employee’s hands efficiently and securely. Make every aspect of your Oracle implementation as unique as your organization.

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Estimated Price: $15,500

Time to Implement: 2 weeks

Change Management: Low

Requires: Core Human Resources

Assumptions:  Assumes all data resides in Oracle HR and Payroll; Excludes conversion of data to be reported on Compensation Statement; Includes one version of the Total Comp Statement; Assumes client is on the latest HR Family Pack Excludes customization to the layout of the compensation statement.