Web ADI For Element & Employee Load

An across-the-board salary increase is great, but it creates a data-entry challenge for HR.

Acquiring a new business unit is an even bigger challenge. Deadlines aren’t flexible when it comes to payroll and benefits. Any time you need to enter or edit a lot of data quickly, Oracle’s Web Application Desktop Integrator comes in handy.

SmartDog will set up Web ADI so that it’s ready to go when you need it. You’ll be able to download data from Oracle, manipulate it in an Excel spreadsheet, and then upload it again with confidence.

Oracle’s API (Application Program Interfaces) will put your data through the same checks and validations as if the data had been entered in the application manually through the Oracle forms.

There are enough challenges associated with big changes in your organization. Spend your time where  you can make the biggest impact, not entering masses of data manually.

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Estimated Price: $6,900

Time to Implement: 4 days

Change Management: Medium

Requires: Core Human Resources

Assumptions: Participants should be Oracle Super Users, Management and IT; Minimum apps version of Oracle; Client has Local Admin Rights on Computer for Microsoft Excel Modifications.