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EBS Summit Webinars

By Sushil Motwani

With E-Business Suite being around since the early 90s, the product has gone through several iterations of upgrades/functional enhancements in the last 3 decades. Companies have invested millions of dollars in implementation/maintenance of their E-Business Suite applications. Are you considering to move in another direction? Most customers need to make tough decisions in the long-term […]

By Sushil Motwani

Learn how you can get instant productivity for your business with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Service solutions through SmartDog’s hands-on OCI Test Drive Workshop.

By Sushil Motwani

This session focuses on six different ways that EBS customers can move to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Topics range from EBS on Cloud infrastructure, Hybrid Cloud and SAAS to EBS Integration

By Doug Owens, Scott Elequin

This session provides an in-depth view of how customers can improve their EBS systems by leveraging (free!) SmartDog Diagnostic tools. These tools identify overpayments, systems configuration weaknesses and bad business practices.

By Mihir Patel

This session provides detailed practical information on Oracle EBS and Technical Licensing. This webinar will help your team avoid unexpected license compliance events, and will help you get more benefit out of the software you already own.


IExpense For Mobile

This webinar is presented by Dinesh Babuji, Project Manager with SmartDog Services. In this session on iExpense for Mobile Devices we will discuss how to use the user interface in Application Express to login to iExpense from the app. To insert data into iExpense,...