From management and employees, people in your organization need information and data in real time – often at the drop of a hat. Fusion’s applications can deliver real time information access with a variety of options.


With Fusion applications, information is right at your fingertips – including embedded dashboards and reports delivered in a variety of methods. These are simple and easy to do.


Let’s take a closer look at using the “Schedule Reports” function, as well as how to update your “My Dashboard.”



“My Dashboard”


Go into your “My Dashboard” and check out the available functions, including publishing options such as email and folders with a variety formats (e.g. HTML, Excel, PDF, etc).


You can access “My Dashboard” via an icon on the homepage.



Just beneath where your user name appears, enable the dropdown menu and click “Edit Page.”



Next, click on “Add Content.”


Then, click through Reports and Analytics > BIPRESENTATIONServer > Shared Folders > Financials > Dashboards > Sourcing Savings


Note: The exact text here will depend on your specific report and its structure.


Click on “Edit” to get to the component properties for naming the dashboard and formatting. Click “Apply” and “Save” on the next prompt. At the very top, make sure to save the whole page.


Here’s another version:


Scheduling Reports


Scheduling your reports can be done easily and put on your “My Dashboard” using the following steps.


First, click on “Tools,” then on the “Reports and Analytics” icon.


Find “Report” and click “Schedule” in the bottom left area called “Task.”


Once you get to the first area of the report, you will find several different tabs. First, click on “Schedule” and input the relevant information.


Then, in the “Delivery Content” tab, select your preferred format option.


Within “Recipients,” make sure to include/input everyone who needs to receive the report, and set the destination and format (e.g. dashboard, email, etc) in “Destinations.”


Simple as that, you’re done!