Oracle Diagnostics

Free E-Business Suite Diagnostic Report

SmartDog Services is offering a special to run their proprietary Oracle diagnostics tools: ‘Watchdog’, ‘Bloodhound’, ‘RCAT’ and ‘License Right‘ for free. These tools take a snapshot of your Oracle system and provide insights into the products you are using so you can optimize your Oracle E-Business Suite environment and plan your upgrades strategically.

Find out:

  • Whether the items in your system meet Oracle’s new development standards
  • Configuration weaknesses and opportunities to improve business performance
  • Customizations to your Oracle system that can affect patches and upgrades
  • How the code in your system is working and whether you are getting accurate data
  • Transactional issues and technical failures that cost your employee’s time and money


WatchDog Diagnostics

SmartDog WatchDog Diagnostics tools were designed to scan an Oracle E-Business Suite and identify key business conditions that can undermine operational effectiveness of the system. The diagnostics deliver critical information on the system including how it is being used and provide meaningful and immediate feedback on areas where Oracle customers improve for efficiency.

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Bloodhound Diagnostics

Bloodhound Diagnostics identifies and catalogs the customizations in your Oracle E-Business Suite system. Knowing your extensions and what they impact will enable you to make better decisions on how you manage your applications. This report includes:

  • Customizations Listing – Having an understanding of the customizations in your system helps you support them when issues arise and helps you plan for upgrades and patches.
  • Code Extract – Bloodhound extracts the source code for each custom object, generating a snapshot of the code at the point in time the diagnostics are run.
  • System Issues – If your system is not providing the results that you’re expecting, the Bloodhound can help identify customizations that may be causing your system to provide inaccurate data.
  • Upgrading to R12.2 – With the changes in development standards in release 12.2 it is crucial to understand how your customizations have been developed. Bloodhound allows you to identify development items that did not follow Oracle’s Development Standards.

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R12 Customization Assessment Tool

Get a clear picture of your customizations in just 2 weeks.

The SmartDog R12 Customization Assessment Tool (RCAT) takes a snapshot of your entire system, and provides critical information on the elements which can have an impact on an R12 upgrade.  SmartDog developed this tool as a way to automate the discovery process and streamline upgrade planning.  Typically, customers have a lot of questions:

 “How many customizations are there in my system? Will these customizations still work in R12? Can these customizations be replaced with the new functionality? Are there any new features that I can turn on in the new software? How long will it take to get everything working in R12? How much will this cost me?”

How it works

SmartDog works directly with the customer to run the RCAT and extract the details on the custom objects, including packages, procedures, functions, triggers, views, forms, reports, personalizations, workflows, concurrent programs and value sets.

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“License Right”: License Usage Review

Make sure that your company has the RIGHT E-Business Suite licenses.
Be Proactive to Avoid Licensing Surprises – take control of your valuable software assets.

SmartDog’s “License Right” methodology is a five-step plan, which leverages SmartDog’s proprietary diagnostic tools to help customers better manage their technical licenses. This plan typically takes 4 to 6 weeks, and will provide you the information you need to develop a strategic roadmap for the technology that drives your e-Business Suite applications:

Know What You Own
SmartDog helps customers get a clear picture of their software inventory.

Know What You are Running
SmartDog helps customers understand what software has been consumed.

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