Bloodhound Diagnostics

Bloodhound Oracle Diagnostics identifies and catalogs the customizations in your Oracle E-Business Suite system. Knowing your extensions and what they impact will enable you to make better decisions on how you manage your applications:
  • Customizations Listing – Having an understanding of the customizations in your system helps you support them when issues arise as well as helps you plan for upgrades and patches.
  • Code Extract – Bloodhound extracts the source code for each custom object, generating a snapshot of the code at the point in time the diagnostics are run.
  • System Issues – If your system is not providing the results that your expecting, the Bloodhound can help identify customizations that may be causing your system to provide inaccurate data.
  • Upgrading to R12.2 – With the changes in development standards in release 12.2 it is crucial to understand how your customizations have been developed. Bloodhound allows you to identify development items that did not follow Oracle’s Development Standards.

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Bloodhound Oracle Diagnostics will help you identify the following customizations:
  • Programs and Request Sets
  • Responsibilities
  • BI Publisher Templates
  • BI Publisher Data Definitions
  • Request Sets
  • Forms
  • Forms Personalizations
  • OA Framework Extensions
  • Workflows
  • Alerts
  • Discoverer Folders and Workbooks
  • AME Approval Rules
  • Database Tables, Views and PL/SQL
Oracle Diagnostics
Bloodhound Oracle Diagnostics also reports on key setups in your Oracle E-Business Suite database. This helps you to understand the context in which your customizations run. These include:
  • Database Parameters
  • Organization Units
  • Value Sets
  • Scheduled Requests
  • Expense Templates
  • Projects AutoAccounting
  • Enabled Users by Responsibility
  • Ledgers
  • Descriptive Flexfield Segments
  • Profile Options and Values
  • Messages
  • Advanced Collections Strategies
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