Oracle R12 Customization Assessment Tool

Get a clear picture of your Oracle R12 customizations in just 2 weeks.
The SmartDog Oracle R12 Customization Assessment Tool (RCAT) takes a snapshot of your entire system, and provides critical information on the elements which can have an impact on an Oracle R12 upgrade. SmartDog developed this tool as a way to automate the discovery process and streamline upgrade planning. Typically, customers have a lot of questions:

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“How many customizations are there in my system?” “Will these customizations still work in R12? “Can these customizations be replaced with the new functionality?” “Are there any new features that I can turn on in the new software?” “How long will it take to get everything working in R12?” “How much will this cost me?”   How it works SmartDog works directly with the customer to run the RCAT assessment tool and extract the details on the custom objects, including packages, procedures, functions, triggers, views, forms, reports, personalizations, workflows, concurrent programs and value sets. We then develop an assessment which can be used to drive this discussion.   The following deliverables are included in this assessment:
  • Formal presentation of the assessment and your options to mitigate risk.
  • Detailed listing of custom programs and their usage statistics.
  • Detailed report of customizations that will break, or are at risk of breaking, in the upgrade, including actual line numbers of custom code.
  • Documentation of all customizations that are dependent on database objects that have been removed or changed in R12.
Oracle r12 - 1
Oracle r12 - 2
Oracle r12 - 3
What you can expect from SmartDog Services SmartDog is a full-service EBS implementation firm that has been performing upgrades to Oracle Applications since 1999. We have a complete consulting organization of functional and technical consultants that can work with your team to take the information in the RCAT Assessment and use it to define your plan for the business.
  • Operational Insight  – How will an upgrade impact affect my operations?
  • Budgeting Planning – How much will it cost in terms of hardware, software, consulting, and internal resources?
  • Upgrade Strategy – What is the best way to plan and execute the upgrade? How do I manage the process to ensure success?
  • Long Term Improvements – How do I build a roadmap for my systems so I can make sure that I am getting the most out of my software both now and in the future?
RCAT Sample Report from Customer Examples
The R12 Customization Assessment Tool (RCAT) provides the information you need to plan (or budget) for your upgrade to EBS R12. This report includes all of the details of your customizations, and the assessment includes a summary of the findings, so that your team can begin the planning process. If you need assistance, SmartDog will provide deep expertise on applications customizations and infrastructure to help you estimate the cost and difficulty these objects could pose to your upgrade of EBS to R12. In addition, we also have a team of functional analysts who can help you decide if those customizations can be eliminated by leveraging the enhanced capabilities of R12. The charts below were taken from a sample output from actual customers. The information was modified to serve as examples.