Oracle Roadmapping Methodology

The ultimate benefit of the SmartDog Oracle Roadmapping Methodology is that it is an effective way for your organization to establish the best way to invest in your ERP system to maintain its strategic value now and in the future.

SmartDog works with your team to analyze your Oracle software needs. Together, we create Oracle technology and applications solutions that are viable, realistic and successful. The Roadmap process is adaptable and flexible, depending on your organiza­tion’s specific needs.

Why Do You Need A Roadmap?

The objective is to evaluate your Oracle environment, discover challenges and opportunities, and determine what activities are needed to fully develop a strategic roadmap for your Oracle technology and applications. Some businesses will choose to close out the exercise after the first phase, while others will find it beneficial to continue through the entire roadmapping process.

Roadmapping is especially  essential for:

What is the Roadmap Methodology?

Sometimes the hardest part of making changes is finding the right strategy to get started. Our Roadmapping Methodology is a structured, methodical, and logical way for customers to develop a plan for improving their use of Oracle technology and applications— whether this means upgrading, re-imple­menting, or staying on the current release. Typically, what you learn in the initial analysis dictates whether your organization should invest the time and money it takes to continue with the detailed analysis and the roadmap.

What do you get with a SmartDog Roadmap?

With SmartDog’s Oracle experts, your Roadmap will result in the following:

  • A clear picture of what technology you own.
  • A good understanding of what can be accomplished leveraging the software.
  • A monetary estimate (business case) of cost savings that can be achieved.
  • A plan to implement the solution for your Oracle technology and applications.