Oracle Upgrades


SmartDog is your source for Oracle Upgrades. We are The Oracle Customer’s Best Friend because we are here to make sure you get the most recent technology and best version of your ERP software. With each upgrade, SmartDog assists in operational insight, budgeting planning, upgrade strategy, and long term improvements.

For companies of any size who use Oracle technology or applications, SmartDog provides full-scale upgrade services, including project management and technical and functional expertise, as well as mentoring. Project work may be performed onsite, remotely or with any combination of the two that best meets your needs.

SmartDog Proprietary Upgrade Tools

Using our proprietary tools, SmartDog continuously supports our clients according to their needs to achieve full value from their initial software investment. These tools capture analysis of the environmental and functional foundation of your technology and software. Our tools include:

Oracle Upgrade Package

Use one or all of SmartDog’s tools to prepare for a successful upgrade to R12.

SmartDog is your source for Oracle Upgrades. We are the Oracle customer’s best friend because we are here to make sure you get the most recent technology and best version of your ERP software.

Upgrading the Oracle applications requires planning and preparation. The SmartDog Oracle Upgrade Package provides information that is valuable in the planning process and will help you ensure a successful upgrade.  Use one or all of the SmartDog Upgrade Package elements:

“What Do I Have In My System?”

Oracle R12 Upgrade Snapshot

SmartDog uses the R12 Upgrade Snapshot to examine and evaluate several elements that affect the cost and complexity of upgrading Oracle, providing a solid foundation for the upgrade planning process. This diagnostic tool speeds the planning stage by compressing the initial system discovery process.

What you get with the R12 Snapshot:

  • The Environment Analysis
  • The Functional Foundation Analysis

“What Is The Health of My System?”

WatchDog Diagnostics

The powerful Oracle database monitoring tool takes the work out of the analytical process by connecting directly to a company’s system and automatically analyzes your system, delivers the data to you and empowers you with the information necessary to draw business-critical conclusions for your upgrade with accuracy and confidence.

WatchDog indicates trouble areas including:

  • Configuration weakness
  • Broken business processes
  • Transactional issues

“What Is Going To Break When I Upgrade?”

EBS Upgrade Assessment

Using the SmartDog R12 Customization Assessment Tool (RCAT)

Similar to the Snapshot, the RCAT takes a picture of your entire EBS system, but provides critical information on the customizations which can have an impact on an R12 upgrade.

What you get with the RCAT:

  • Formal presentation of the assessment and your options to mitigate risk.
  • Detailed listing of custom programs and their usage statistics.
  • Detailed report of customizations that will break or are at risk of breaking in the upgrade, including actual line numbers of custom code.
  • Documentation of all customizations that are dependent on database objects that have been removed or changed in R12.

SmartDog developed this tool as a way to automate the discovery process and streamline upgrade planning.

What you get with the Upgrade Assessment:

  • Operational Insight
  • Budgeting Planning
  • Upgrade Strategy
  • Long Term Improvements