Oracle Software Licensing

“License Right” Services for
Oracle E-Business Suite Customers

Make sure that your company has the RIGHT E-Business Suite licenses.

It is a huge benefit that Oracle software is feature-rich, easy to download and flexible. But sometimes this flexibility has unintended consequences. If you turn on a new feature, take advantage of new technology or simply change your server infrastructure, you may inadvertently change your Oracle license requirements and run the risk of expensive compliance issues down the road.  Customers sometimes open themselves up to licensing audits from firms like Oracle because they don’t fully understand how the licensing works.  Some real-life examples are listed below:

  • Customer had App Server installed on-premise and decided to hire a hosting firm.  This firm chose to migrate the customer’s server to VMware. According to Oracle, if you have software running on VMware, you have to pay for every processor in the VMware cluster—in this case 96 core CPUs— at a cost of over $1M.
  • Customer took advantage of Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) for database tuning, one of dozens of features and options installed automatically when you install the Oracle Database. But these options are not included in the license for the base software.  For this customer, there was an unexpected additional cost of $35K.
  • Customer decided to spend $5,000 on a new CPU to improve performance, not realizing that he would now need to spend $75,000 for a new software license.


Be Proactive to Avoid Licensing Surprises – take control of your valuable software assets.

SmartDog’s “License Right” methodology is a five-step plan, which leverages SmartDog’s proprietary diagnostic tools to help customers better manage their technical licenses. This plan typically takes 4 to 6 weeks, and will provide you the information you need to develop a strategic roadmap for the technology that drives your e-Business Suite applications:

Know What You Own
SmartDog helps customers get a clear picture of their software inventory.

Many customers are not clear about that software they own. Often, the licenses were purchased on separate ordering documents, which utilized different licensing metrics or the name of the Oracle product has changed.

Know What You are Running
SmartDog helps customers understand what software has been consumed.

Customers frequently are unclear on exactly how and where the software is installed and/or running.  Sometimes a DBA downloads the binary files on a disaster recovery server, or installs a particular program without realizing that Oracle automatically installs related (but unlicensed) components at the same time.  Another scenario is when a customer adds (relatively inexpensive) CPU’s to a computer without realizing that they will incur the costs of existing software.  Customers create additional development environments for projects and specific business initiatives thinking development and test environments don’t need to be licensed.

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