Stoller Times Oracle E-Business Suite Upgrade Just Right for Outstanding Results

Stroller Group
Industry: Agri-Products
Oracle Environment: E-Business Suite 12.1.1
Benefits Achieved:
  • Gain performance improvements with upgrade
  • Help streamline discrete inventory management and chemical manufacturing
  • Provide seamless product costing across three companies
Company Information: The Stoller Group, Inc. (Stoller), based in Houston, TX, is the world leader in the development and sales of plant performance products that enhance the genetic potential of plants to make them healthier and more productive. Founded in 1970, Stoller’s plant performance products use plant hormones, supporting nutrients and other hormone co-factors designed to ensure optimum hormone balance and activity in plants to ultimately improve crop yields. Stoller products are available around the world and can be purchased from its subsidiaries in a variety of locations, including Australia, Chile, and China.  The privately held company has approximately 500 employees. Client’s Needs: Stoller uses Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) to run three different companies under the company’s umbrella, and is dependent on the ERP system and its Oracle Process Manufacturing (OPM) module for unique chemical manufacturing and inventory management.  Stoller originally implemented Oracle EBS in 2004 to obtain better control of inventories and processes. When IT leaders decided to upgrade to EBS Release 12.1.1 to benefit from improved performance and new features, they knew it would be important to time the project just right so the project would have no negative impact on the start of its critical growing season. Stoller managers knew they could rely on SmartDog Services to spearhead the upgrade because the two companies have a positive on-going relationship starting in 2008 when SmartDog was hired to help improve Stoller’s existing EBS implementation.  
SmartDog Service’s Solution:
SmartDog experts assured Stoller IT decision makers they had the personnel and the expertise to implement the EBS 12.1.1 upgrade in a very tight time frame. They made sure to create a plan that would allow for the extensive testing that Stoller required.
In just a matter of months, SmartDog team members worked to:
  • Gather functional requirements.
  • Determine which new features to implement.
  • Identify where performance improvements would be most beneficial.
  • Create a project plan that specifically addressed how the new OPM module could seamlessly combine previously separate manufacturing processes and successfully merge data.
  • Use existing test instances for program testing to streamline the upgrade process.
The project went live on time and on budget with all project objectives met.
Benefits Achieved: With Oracle EBS 12.1.1 in place, IT leaders at Stoller are very happy with the definite performance improvements and new features and functions available to them. In particular,the new OPM module has made it possible combine discrete inventory and discrete chemical manufacturing.  As a result, when product is moved across any of the three companies under the Stoller umbrella, the product costing moves seamlessly across as well. In addition, Stoller IT managers are pleased with the support and guidance they receive with SmartDog and the transparent relationship between the two organizations.

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