Sunnen Products Company/SmartDog Services

Sunnen Products Company
Industry: Machining & Tooling
Oracle Environment: Oracle E-Business Suite R12.1.3
Company Information: Sunnen Products Company (Sunnen), which was founded in 1924, is an integrated precision bore sizing company with headquarters in St. Louis, MO. It also has facilities in Switzerland, Italy, the UK, France, Poland, Russia and China. Sunnen prides itself on being the world’s foremost authority on honing, and it has a facility dedicated to researching, developing,and manufacturing abrasives, plated diamond tooling and honing lubricants. The company is privately held and employs more than 800 people worldwide. Client’s Needs: Sunnen has had great results using its Oracle E-Business Suite system to help manage its successful precision bore sizing operations, but IT leaders realized that the company needed to do a technical upgrade from an earlier version to E-Business Suite R121.3 toretain support.  However, IT personnel also wanted to take advantage of new features and functions to improve efficiency and performance. To be successful they would need help. Company leaders decided to work with SmartDog Services to help guide and manage the E-Business Suite upgrade process because of SmartDog’s excellent reputation and its record of successful technical upgrade projects.
SmartDog Services’s Solution:  
SmartDog experts suggested that they first conduct an assessment of Sunnen’s currentE-Business Suite implementation to determine what could be reworked to be managedmore efficiently, and what new features could added.  Because Sunnen would be starting with R.11.5.7 and an Oracle 8i database, it was determined that SmartDog DBAs would need to use a multi-step process to do the upgrade going from R., then R12.1.1 and finally to R12.1.3.  Fortunately, SmartDog Services could offer a cost-effective solution to deploy DBAs to work remotely to do some of the work, while six full-time SmartDog experts could work with Sunnen IT staff onsite.
In a little less than six months, SmartDog team members worked to:
  • Conduct a system assessment and determine which new features and functions to add.
  • Manage multiple iterations of the upgrade process to get to R12.1.3.
  • The first upgrade took three or four weeks, but the last iteration took just three days.Bring in SmartDog functional consultants to work with Sunnen team members to configure applications that would either add new functionality or improve existingfeatures, including new credit card capabilities and a new updated barcode reading system.
  • Teach Sunnen IT staff experts about new features and streamlined functionality so that they could then train other Sunnen E-Business Suite users.
The project went live earlier than expected and on-budget with all project objectives met.
Benefits Achieved: Sunnen IT leaders are very pleased with the outcome of the technical upgrade project to E-Business Suite R12.1.3.  Overall system performance has increased significantly and reporting capabilities are much improved. In addition, many jobs are streamlined and no longer depend on manual processes. Because of effective project management and outstanding communication between SmartDog consultants and Sunnen staff members, users are taking complete advantage of the myriad of new features, including the iSupplier Portal, the integrated PayPal solution that offers standard credit card capabilities, and MSCA, which replaced the company’s legacy barcode reading system. In addition, users are very pleased with the variety of processes that are improved with the upgrade, including the ability to process foreign currency vendor invoices, the creation of foreign currency payments, and the database encryption of credit card data.  In fact, Sunnen IT leaders are so pleased with the work of SmartDog’s team members that SmartDog consultants are already working with Sunnen to start a second phase project to add even more features and capabilities to Sunnen’s E-Business Suite ERP system.

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