A lot of my customers, especially small and midsize organizations, have minimal or even no Disaster Recovery capabilities for their EBS environments.  On-premise architectures can make implementing DR strategies time-consuming, complex, and expensive.  Sometimes these barriers are eased when we host our environments, but they are still present to some extent even with traditional hosting.

Moving EBS to an IaaS model, Using EBS as your Evolutionary Step Toward Cloud Computing, provides DR standardized processes and structures that have been already carefully planned and tested – they provide us with a straightforward, cost effective and proven path. The ability to lower risk by being able to more easily, quickly and economically implement EBS DR for our organizations can be a significant benefit for a lot of organizations.  For those that already have DR capabilities in-place, it may be worth evaluating whether changing to DR in the Cloud may be more cost effective than what we are currently doing.

Oracle has created a Whitepaper discussing DR in the Cloud at: Disaster Recovery in the Oracle Cloud: Production and DR in the Cloud.