Toshiba International Corporation Implements Oracle E-Business Suite with the help of SmartDog Services

From assessing, to planning, to executing, SmartDog implements Oracle EBS Financials, Projects, Project Manufacturing, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Planning for Toshiba’s business unit, Power Systems Division.

Toshiba International Corp. Power Systems Division
Industry: Engineering, Constructionand Field Services
Oracle Environment: E-Business Suite Financials
Benefits Achieved:
  • Provided efficiencies in current operations
  • Allowed vertical integration of operations
  • Foundation for  higher revenue and greaterprofitability
  • Facilitated common business practices across the division
  • Foundation for better J5 compliance
  • Foundation for significant growth expectations
  • Platform by which to efficiently incorporatepotential acquisitions

About Toshiba

The Power Systems Division (PSD) is a division of Toshiba International Corporation (TIC),based in Houston, TX.  PSD provides services to utilities building and maintaining steam turbines and generators.  They assist customers in optimizing their plant operations, as well as, planning and scheduling service and parts replacement.
The Problem
Toshiba was on an old version of Baan that was not supporting their business needs.  With growth and the acquisition of a new business unit (vertical integration), they needed a better system to support their business processes.  The solution:  TIC’s stated direction was to move all of their business units to Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) over time, which began with the Power Systems Division. By manually executing many of their business processes, spreadsheets dominated PSD’s financial and accounting processes which led to the decision that PSD would be the first division to implement Oracle EBS.
The SmartDog Solution
SmartDog was first engaged to assess the fit of Oracle EBS to the varying business requirements across the business, and to create a plan for designing the solution and executing the implementation. PSD is a project-centric business unit, so EBS Projects’ability to support PSD’s business requirements was key.  As a result of the disparate systems resulting from past and recent acquisitions, they needed to combine operations and business processes onto one common ERP platform, which SmartDog was able to accomplish.
Initially, SmartDog needed a full picture of PSD’s environment to determine the fit of EBS to their business requirements, which was completed with a full assessment executed in segments — completing and validating each segment with the smallest amount of risk possible.   Once the EBS Assessment was completed, the SmartDog team provided an implementation roadmap for Toshiba to implement EBS most efficiently.
In addition to the need for Oracle Projects and Financials, SmartDog found through the assessment that PSD is a projects-based services company that also manufactures parts. As a result, Oracle Projects and Project Manufacturing were central to the applications solution.  In addition, Supply Chain Planning and Discrete Manufacturing were implemented to address operations requirements. With communication, efficiency and transparency, combined with the careful planning,SmartDog completed Toshiba’s EBS implementation of Financials, Projects, Project Manufacturing, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Planning.
Toshiba’s Success
Toshiba was project centric and vertically integrated which allowed SmartDog to support their business across their all requirements with a fairly broad set of EBS modules. The project was successful and SmartDog is viewed as trusted advisors.

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