Tom Ferrero

Cloud ERP upgrades are not to be feared. They should be embraced! Fusion ERP’s twice yearly upgrade cycles add incremental functionality and features to your system. Understanding and embracing the process, while also being efficient and strategic, is key to successful application ownership. During the webinar, we walk you through strategies to standardize an upgrade approach when working with Oracle Cloud ERP. The presentation covers where to view upcoming functionality, how to capture testing requirements for regression testing, and how to sequence PROD to TEST refreshes and upgrades. GET THE FOLLOWING KEY STRATEGIES:
  1. Identify new features, and learn to roadmap enhancements and upgrades.
  2. Identify critical business processes when planning for your upgrade.
  3. Optimize an efficient testing scoreboard tailored to your system.
  4. Integration Test Planning – what integration testing is needed during an upgrade.
  5. Learn to schedule PROD to TEST refreshes and upgrades efficiently.

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