Mihir Patel

Join SmartDog Practice Director, Mihir Patel, to learn how to manage your Oracle E-Business Suite licenses and make sure that your coverage is just right. Studies show that 92% of Oracle users do not understand the terms of their licenses. Oracle E-Business Suite is incredibly powerful and there is no limit to the different ways a company can deploy it to fit their business. Access changes or updates can affect the way your Oracle licenses cover the software you own. Many customers are paying for module licenses they don’t need or have parts of their E-Business Suite that have grown out of the existing licenses and are now at risk without even realizing it. Topics that are covered:
  • Oracle E-Business Suite License Metrics types and evolution and things to be aware of
  • How customizations to Oracle E-Business Suite impact associated Technology Licenses
  • When Enterprise Revenue may not be advantageous

Chapter 1- Understanding Oracle E-Business Suite Licensing

Why You Need to Understand Oracle’s EBS Licensing


Chapter 2 – Entitlement Impact From Oracle EBS Licensing

EBS Licensing Models can have a Big Impact on your Entitlements


Chapter 3 – Impact Of Oracle E-Business Suite Customizations

Customizations in EBS can have a Big Impact on your License Consumption


Chapter 4 – Common Oracle EBS License Errors

Common Errors that Companies make with their EBS Licenses


Chapter 5 – Proactive Management of E-Business Suite Licensing

How Companies can Proactively Manage EBS Licensing in the Future


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